The road ahead is clear, the Constitution of Kenya 2010 (CoK2010) has survived the “Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)” onslaught; the Judiciary has proven it’s metal by having survived the vindictive vassal prince’s “revisit” and by neutering the “BBI tyrants’” attack on “the CoK2010 – Constitution of the masses”; the Kikuyu…

Which way forward, Jakom?

By Arkan Uddin

So it is said,

. “Know the enemy,

. Know yourself,

. And victory is never in doubt,

. Not in a hundred battles.”

. “Know Heaven,

. Know Earth,

. And your victory is complete.”


. Sun Tzu, The Art of…

Raila Odinga (Courtesy: Getty Images)

I read Kwendo Opanga’s piece of Sunday Nation piece of 18.10.2020 and thought to share my thoughts.

It is a well-intentioned and highly diplomatic piece, but it is fundamentally flawed philosophically — specifically in terms of Political Philosophy.

Democracy being premised on purely consolidating a majority in a chamber that…

(Notes on the Next War) Ernest Hemingway

War in upon itself, like killing, or any other form of creation or destruction or action for that matter is neither good nor evil.

Good or evil is determined by context and moral basis.

We are now in the second decade of the…

The Government of Kenya’s hollow but public relations-savvy response to the coronavirus crisis has been wanting. The control initiative began following the appointment of Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe to the Health Ministry in late February 2020. …

The Prison Industrial Complex that is the Westphalian Nation-State

Hotel California The Eagles (1977) (Image by Chris Jones)

My abdomen clenched like a fist, my bladder tightened, and any need I had to relieve myself instantly evaporated. I wretched and recoiled in disgust as I reflexively ducked back out of the police prison cell toilets.

I have grown up…

ArkANudDin | أركانالدين

[لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله]

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